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Mr. Chandresh knew, the whole point of existing is to evolve into a person you were intended to be. You are your only limit

Mumbai, Maharashtra : Education is a powerful weapon, and so is the power to revolutionise the course of a nation, to grow, to develop. But with power comes great responsibility, it’s always uneasy to balance two different fields.

Mr. Chandresh Ajay Pandey, a former Doctor and a latter Fashion influencer and Filmmaker.  Coming from a background of family that emphasized him to become a doctor and having a different alignment towards his  passion. It was almost impracticable for him to manage both his passion and pressures. Never really stood up against all these pressures and hounds thinking things would sink in someday. But the dream of going an extra mile for his passion would keep him up all night. One thing Mr. Chandresh knew, the whole point of existing is to evolve into a person you were intended to be. You are your only limit. He is  still growing in this field, but he also believes he might be a complete buoyant in this field. Its his dedication, zeal and adherence that keeps him moving forward. He is  ecstatic about the fact that  he never gave up on what he truly wanted to do.

It’s almost breathtaking how on one side he is  a doctor and on the other a Filmmaker.

Everyday there would be a new challenge that he’d have to face apart from being a student but he also knows the levels he has to go through, to complete them.

Things are never the easiest to deal with but the proliferating passion makes him want to push himself  to an extent that is even beyond his own imagination. As a doctor, he’s a saviour and there’s still more that he has to learn each day, working harder each day to save lives someday.

As a filmmaker and a producer, he also understand the deeper meaning of art, wherein he  could put out his imagination in a proper way, in a proper place with every changing angle and lens. Everyday he strives vigorously to create a better version of himself. Only by stepping out of the comfort zone made him achieve things he thought was never achievable, with each achievement he also had to sacrifice a number of things . Sacrificed his time, his family, to do more better. It gave him a clearer vision, made him  work harder.

There’s a lot of people who still believe he  could never put his doctorate degree and production in one tangent. But nevertheless he proved a lot of them wrong.

Success never arrives in one day. It has a lot to do with the inseparable tie to your individual activities, encounters, challenges be it big or small. It commands hard work and persistent. Mr. Chandresh is  still mastering the art of persistency and patience, everyday he learns the most that he could. According to him, he wouldn’t have become what he is today, if he wouldn’t have believed in himself. He grabbed  the opportunity and slogged as much as he could and is still doing it today, which only in the end will lead him to be a better person.

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