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Top Ten Influencers in India today Brought to you by Influencerquipo

“Influence” plays a huge part in our lives. From seeking inspiration from your idols and following your passion to being an influence to the people around you. The world is full of talented, inspiring, smart and positive people and India is no exception. And the generations of talented millenials and gen z’s have overtaken the internet. They have become influencers of a whole new kind. Here are the top ten influencers of our country; who are they? As well as a little peek into what they do.

1. Priya: @priyasrivastavaofficial

Priya Srivastava is a fashion influencer and a stylist in her own right. Fashion has been her passion since childhood and that is what has led her to where she is today.

2. Rimi: @imrimideysarkar

Rimi started her career with music albums. She has also received many awards like … “Superwoman Achievers Award 2021’’, “Bollywood & Iconic Personality Award’’ Rimi is an actor as well as she a social worker.

3. Shalini: @shalinimittal_official

Shalini Mittal is an enterprising woman with a great sense of business.

Being into business for about 12 years she has established a great relationship with all her clients and customers. She inspires a lot of women all around the world.

4. Subhashish Mandal: @thebaldeagle

Subhashish Mandal aka the, wears many hats as a storyteller, Architect and Interior Designer.

Curated blogging about fashion, lifestyle, makeinidia genres and art are key focuses for his channel. He also uses his voice for LGBT and art based topics.

5. Sayeri:  @sayeridiary

Sayeri is a lifestyle blogger and a mom influencer. Sayeri believes in hard work and everyday she is inspiring all the supermoms like her.

6. Alpesh Rawal: @frosto_89

A content creator primarily, he isn’t inhibited by a specific niche. He acts, dances, models, runs three businesses and is a certified power-garba founder at Nav9rang. He has expanded his reach to over 150k followers as of today.

7. Nupur Agarwal Kalra: @Nups_thebikermom

As a teen, she loved bikes and envied the boys who could ride them. After she convinced her friend’s brother to teach her how to ride a bike, there was no turning back. Today she is a Mom, Lifestyle & Travel influencer with over 50k followers.

8. Pallavi: @Thatbonitagirl

Along with a full-time PR job, this lifestyle blogger successfully manages to entertain her followers with global fashion trends such as colour blocking owing to which she stands out from the crowd.

9. Itee: @iteechopraofficial

Being an influencer and having a vast amount of audience who listens to your voice is an achievement itself but using that voice for the voiceless is what makes her different. She uses her platform to share her experiences of rescuing injured animals or cases against animal cruelty.

10. Dhruvil: @dhruvilnisar

Dhruvil Nisar is a lifestyle and fashion Influencer turned into a visionary entrepreneur. He is the founder of Deedn, where he has been actively mentoring bloggers, influencers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

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