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Being fearless is a choice- Neha Abhitesh (@nehas_blogzilla)

A few decades ago, the mention of an average Indian woman would evoke a picture in our minds of a woman inside a house. Today, the picture has been reversed by fearless women in society. In this modern era, we see women like Neha Abhitesh who, despite being a homemaker, are full-time influencers. She started her career as a food blogger and slowly expanded her niche into beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencing. She continued to learn, broadening her perspective, and today she’s one of the most successful and well-known names in the industry. Neha’s page is known for authentic content and trustworthy reviews. With a banging following of over 50k on Instagram, her fanbase doesn’t seem to stop.

Like every picture has a story behind it, Neha wasn’t spoon-fed with these achievements. She has her fair share of struggles to face. Be it many years of depression or constantly juggling between building home. But wait, she got lucky here! Her husband, despite several ups and downs, was always by her side. As a strong pillar of support, he had a vision for Neha, which surely became a reality. Our Indore star girl has endless achievements. To mention a few, she’s been featured in several newspapers, articles, and interviews. Being awarded the “Best Influencer” award by FSIA, the “Emerging Blogger of the Year” award by Inmo Rangoli Awards, the “Best Content Creator” award by Glam 2020, and many more, Neha has also gained popularity as a Moj entertainer.

A very grounded yet confident personality, Neha Abhitesh proves to be an inspiration for all mothers out there. She never compromised on the children’s upbringing or the brand project. Today, all her hard work, dedication, and passion towards homemaking and content creation are paying off. Having said that, she’s collaborated with over 100 top-notch brands, including both local and international ones, namely Quaker, Agaro, Nevia, Wow, Pilgrim, Belora Paris, Dabur, Saffola

Biotique, Vedic, Blue Heaven, etc.

Neha, who is not just a sit-at-home celebrity but a hero for every working mother constantly juggling between personal and professional life, She handles every obstacle thrown in her way with grace. They rightly say that only a woman knows perfect balance. They are the changemakers, heroes, and trailblazers leading the way to better every day. Her page is a 10/10 recommendation to follow on Instagram: @nehas_blogzilla.

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