From a successful shooting coach to a Fashion entrepreneur-Such is the story of Sukhraj Chauhan

Built out of a desire to find work that was freeing and fulfilling, Sukhraj Chauhan, a former shooting coach sought to use her unique passion and talent to bring the Punjabi culture on the top by taking her personal choice of attire into business to the next level. Sukhraj is the owner of an online boutique from Faridkot Punjab, that deals in selling all kinds of ethnic Punjabi attire and other apparel.

The trend to start a fashion boutique has grown significantly and the credit goes to the reach of social media and globalization. Sukhraj has been running the online boutique after she developed a passion for becoming an entrepreneur and felt the need to deliver high-quality apparel at a standard cost. Though she has been in this business for the last 4 years she had decided to take it to a professional level when she decided to reach a dream position.

Well, human beings have a tendency to look for constant support and guidance whenever they leap forward to make a new mark in their journey, similarly, the idea of starting a fashion boutique came into her mind when she in her earlier days she used to mark her presence for shooting tournaments dressed in a Punjabi attire. She says “I love and adore my culture a lot and that’s when my friends suggested me to take my choice to another level professionally. Today I take pride in thanking few close people of my life whose encouragement has been a life changer for me”

Needless to mention, starting a business is full of exciting challenges and potential learning opportunities gained from the risks that come with it. Sukhraj feels blessed to have good close friends and clients in her life. As a bold and brave individual, Sukhraj had overcome any obstacle gracefully. As a true warrior who faces every challenge, Sukhraj also learned from it and started her entrepreneurial venture with dogged determination.

When talking about success, Sukhraj says “I think success is not related to money only. Success actually means to reach that level where you want to reach. Everyone has a different vision of success and everyone has a sense of their own identity that is dependent on their vision of where they want to reach in their life. Today, I am a very successful coach as my 2 trainees participated in the senior and junior world cup. Apart from coaching, I feel grateful to have received immense love from my clients. I feel life is blissful, so I always tell everyone that enjoy the journey of your life no matter how hard it seems sometimes”

Everyone eventually finds itself somewhere in life; some do so on purpose, while others do so with a vision and a specific dream in mind. Sukhraj has a number of goals for the future, one of which is to launch her own physical store soon with the goal of building a name for herself as a celebrity brand. Her aspirations and passions, which need effort as a business owner, are the foundation of her venture.

She is on Instagram as label_by_sukhraj_. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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